Madison Motor Werks is conscious of our impact on the environment. We understand our role in protecting the planet and our community. We have adopted many green practices, making our shop an environmentally friendly place that is beneficial to our customers, employees, and Earth.

Here is how we are helping our environment:


We use High Performance synthetic motor oils, such as Mobil 1, which is designed to provide exceptional protection over extended drain intervals. This kind of oil is capable of delivering proven performance and engine protection over longer periods of time compared to conventional oils. Therefore drivers are able to extend their oil drain intervals, reducing overall oil waste.


  • SOAPS: We use a product called Mean Green soap to clean up. It is an EPA and USDA approved blend of non-toxic, biodegradable detergents. This environmentally safe formula requires a small amount to do the job so one bucket lasts longer which reduces container waste.
  • CLEANERS: We use eco-friendly New Pig mats that absorb any spills, leaks or drips that land on our shop floor. This decreases the chance of auto fluids and oil soaking into the ground and polluting the earth. Each mat is 50% recycled polypropylene and reduces environmental impact. It is reusable & can be incinerated to reduce waste. We also use New Pig Lite-Dri for absorbing motor oil & auto fluids that fall on our floors. It is 100% recycled cellulose composition. The hydrophobic material repels water while absorbing only oil-based liquids & can also be used in pour-through filter applications to reduce hydrocarbon content. It is non-toxic, silica-free & safe to use without health hazards. It can be incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending.


Our facility uses high-end energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs produce less heat than incandescent bulbs which reduces energy waste. Our work area is also illuminated by natural light.


  • TIRES: We bring old tires to a local tire shop where they are recycled.
  • CAR BATTERIES:We recycle old batteries through our carrier.
  • MOTOR OIL: We collect used motor oil in a safe container and recycle it properly through a local business.
  • PLASTIC CONTAINERS / METALS / CARDBOARD: All plastic, metal, and cardboard material is taken to recycling centers to reduce waste.